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Choosing a Martial Arts School for Your Child: Be Selective

The study of martial arts offers many valuable gifts for young students. Proper training builds discipline and self-control, confidence and concentration, patience and respect. These are the values and skills your child will need to be successful in life. But not all martial arts schools are the same. When choosing a school for your child: Be Selective!

Helpful information on choosing a martial arts school for your child:

Head Instructors:
  • What are the credentials of the Head Instructors?
  • How long have he/she/they been practicing/teaching martial arts?
  • Do the instructors seem to enjoy their work? Do they seem honest and ethical?
  • The Head Instructors are the most important element in selecting a school for your child (more so than the particular style of martial arts).
  • The instructors set the tone of the learning environment. What overall influence will the instructors have on my child? Positive? Neutral? Negative?
  • Who will actually be teaching my child? Will it be the Head Instructor, assistant instructors, or other children?

  • The School Atmosphere:
  • What is the environment of the school?
  • How do the instructors and students interact with each other?
  • Are people treated in a professional, positive, respectful manner?
  • Is it a safe, productive, structured environment, or is it more like a game, or competitive sport, or even like a junior fight club?
  • Is the curriculum age appropriate for children?
  • Will your child have to participate in tournaments in order to advance in rank?

  • Schedule:
  • How many days per week can my child actually attend?
  • How many days per week is your child’s class available (in case you need to change your schedule)?

  • Financial:
  • What are all the relevant financial expenses involved with training?
  • Note: Many schools will advertise “No testing fees”, but in actuality those fees are rolled into higher monthly tuition rates.
  • Watch out for significant hidden costs, like mandatory purchase of videos, or different colored uniforms for different days of the week, etc.
  • The school representatives should be able to explain to you, in very simple terms, all the monetary expenses involved in participation at the school in less than one minute.

  • Any prospective school should offer a free introductory class, with no obligation, for you to see the program for yourself and determine whether or not it will meet your needs.

    Infinite Path Martial Arts Youth Programming:
  • I.P.M.A. is a private learning institution, established in 2002.
  • All students receive direct instruction from the Head Instructors, Christopher and Robyn Scafone.
  • Youth classes (ages 6+) are offered 3 days per week (Head-Start (ages 3-5) is offered twice per week). These are all beginner classes. Additional classes are offered for more experienced students.
  • A safe, professional, disciplined, exciting atmosphere.
  • I.P.M.A. is a non-competitive environment. Students work together as partners; not as opponents.
  • We emphasize the importance of education, and we look at our youth students’ report cards. Students on the honor role for the entire school year receive an Infinite Path Martial Arts sweatshirt.
  • Youth classes contain regular discussions on the life-skills needed for success: "School is Your Number One Job", Peer Pressure, Finding "Real Friends", Listening to Your Parents, Setting and Achieving Goals, Healthy Diet, Stranger-Danger, and various other vital topics.
  • We build leaders! Aside from our top-notch technical curriculum, I.P.M.A. students also receive consistent, progressive training in leadership, and public speaking.
  • At the time of this writing, many of our youth students have been with us for 4, 5, 6, even 7+ years. This program works!

  • Don't just settle for any "School of Martial Arts". When seeking a school for your child, ask questions, and be selective!

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