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Dojo Protocol: Maximizing the Learning Environment

  • Dojo/Tao-Chang/Training Hall: Place of learning and personal transformation
  • Always sign in
  • Come to class in a clean uniform with shirt tucked in (males wearing protective cups), no jewelry/perfumes/colognes, long hair pulled back, nails trimmed, ready to fully focus the mind and body for the entire hour
  • Bring a bag for personal belongings/practice gear, cell phones are to be silenced
  • Training is to be serious and focused, yet pleasant and enjoyable
  • Before Class: stretch, practice basics, meditate, ask questions
  • Instructors are to be addressed as either “Sir/Ma’am” or by surnames
  • Follow directions to best of your ability
  • Bowing: a display of respect for the learning environment and for others. Bow when entering and leaving the dojo, before and after working with partners
  • I.P.M.A. is a non-competitive environment: the only opponent is ego/ignorance
  • Safety is Always the number one priority!
  • Every student must strive to be a safe, positive partner and contribution to the dojo at all times
  • If your partner is going too hard/fast for you, tell him/her to “slow down”
  • If your partner feels that you are going to hard/fast... then You Are!
  • Never attempt a technique on your partner that you cannot execute safely for yourself and for your partner
  • If you are injured (no matter how slight) or come to class with a pre-existing injury, inform instructors immediately
  • If you are sick, stay home until you are well
  • Bring any concerns/issues relevant to your practice to the Head Instructors, as they cannot address what they do not know about
  • Infinite Path Martial Arts is a private learning institution. We are highly selective when accepting probationary students. Every student has an effect on the overall environment of the school. Growing as a practitioner and a partner is a process. The longer one is part of the dojo (the higher the rank) the greater resource he/she becomes through knowledge and example.

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