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"Maybe I Should Join a Gym and Get In Shape Before I Enroll at the Dojo..."

By Christopher Scafone • 1/2013

More times than I can remember (it happened again this afternoon), a potential student will express the idea of joining a gym to “get into shape” before enrolling in classes at the dojo. They figure that they would be better able to learn the martial arts if they first lost a few pounds, upped their cardio conditioning, and increased their muscular strength. Many of these individuals freely admit that their overall fitness isn’t where they would like it to be because they don’t like going to the gym in the first place.

I have been training my mind and body since the age of 14. Working out has been an institution in my life for decades, and while my motivation goes through highs and lows like everybody else, it’s hard for me to imagine quitting. But I understand that most people do not naturally share that passion, especially as they grow older and responsibilities such as career and family leave time and energy in limited supply.

I have found over the years that the more one talks about starting a new fitness regimen, the less likely it is to actually happen, the energy being wasted on pontification instead of action. Rather than looking in the mirror and quietly remembering the “good old days” when you used to be in better shape, you can begin achieving your personal growth and fitness goals today.

You need not “be in shape” in order to get started. You will get in shape by coming to the dojo on a regular basis. Our workouts at I.P.M.A. build cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and muscular strength – all while learning a SKILL, in a safe, clean, motivating atmosphere with like-minded individuals who share the same aspirations.

Our training is non-competitive in nature, thus learning is safer, faster, and far more meaningful. Every student learns at his/her own pace. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it – it can be no other way.

Our dynamic physical workouts transform the mind as well as the body: Increased confidence. Stronger concentration. Greater self-control. Natural stress-relief. Over time, the practice yields benefits greater than the sum of the parts, allowing one to live with greater authenticity, happiness, and effectiveness in all areas of life.

We have a saying at Infinite Path Martial Arts: “These ARE the good old days”. Though we easily forget it, today is tomorrow’s yesterday. We must choose to make the most of our lives, our challenges, our successes, our losses and gains, and to learn from all of those experiences. And it is a choice. In the end, what is life, but a collection of choices?

Unless your doctor advises otherwise, if you are interested in learning martial arts, the best time to begin is right NOW. The first step is to call and schedule a free introductory class. The next step is to come to that class and experience it for your self. You'll find our contact information at the bottom of this page.

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