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On The Path Article: Meditation: Part One.

Meditation is an ancient, universal method of mind/body discipline used by millions of individuals to calm the mind and body, relieve stress, deepen one's powers of concentration, and to become more effective in all areas of life. Meditation can be practiced by anyone.

The body, mind, and breath are interrelated. When one is excited, afraid, or angry, that person's breath becomes more rapid and fluttery, from high in the chest. When one is calm, peaceful, and centered, the breath is slower and deeper from the center of the body. By developing conscious control over the breath, one gains increasing control over the mind, thoughts, and resulting experience (feeling states).

Most are familiar with the concept of "taking a few deep breaths" as a means of re-centering his/her self. Most know the method works, but few understand why it works, and even fewer ponder the implications of consistent study and practice. In true martial and yogic training, proper breathing is the single most important physical component. In this modern age, more and more individuals are interested in this tangible method of personal transformation.


  • Sit with the legs-crossed, kneeling (seiza), or in a chair with the feet flat on the floor
  • The spine must be held straight (chin parrallel to the ground, tip of the tongue lightly touching the roof of the mouth)
  • Shoulders slightly back, chest slightly out
  • Hands resting at the hip/abdominal juncture
  • The eyes are closed or half-open, and the gaze is directed to the point between the eyebrows (but not crossed-eyed, nor straining in any way)
  • The body must remain still. With practice, bringing conscious stillness to the body becomes a welcome refuge of self rejuvenation

  • Watching the Breath:

  • Fully engross the concentration on observing the naturally occurring inflow and outflow of the breath
  • Do not regulate, force, hold, evaluate, or judge the breath in any way; simply witness the flow as if you were observing the breath of another
  • Every time you find that the mind has wandered, do not stop to criticize yourself; simply return your awareness to the breath
  • Consistency is the foundation of developing a rewarding practice of meditation
  • Begin with five minutes per day. When that becomes easier, advance to ten minutes and so on

  • Getting Started:

    This basic method is the most fundamental meditation technique and the precursor to all higher techniques. Adopting the practice, one adds to a worldwide movement of individuals choosing to lead leading happier, healthier, more meaningful lives by consciously unlocking the unique, infinite potential within.

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