Controls, Throws:

Evading, redirecting energy. Controls, joint-locks (chi'nna), chokes, throws, using the attacker's energy against them, the highest levels of physical self defense. Endless applications, learning.

Evade, Redirect,
Get To The Back

Kaiten Nage -
Tackle Defense

Tenshi Nage (Heaven
and Earth Throw)

Sankyo, Yubidori
(Finger Lock), Throw

Kaiten Nage
(Rotary Throw)

High Block Back Hand Sidestep
Front Foot, Shoulder Lock/Throw

Kote Gaeshi
In Nature

Sidestep Front Kick Attack,
Kokyu (Breath Throw)

(Elbow Lock) Control

Original Vibration Boosting Creations By Infinite Path Art.

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