Infinite Path Martial Arts: Metro Detroit. Now in Rochester, MI!

Yue Chia Chuan Fa (Chinese) / Ken Do Gaku (Japanese):


Infinite Path Martial Arts has returned to Metro Detroit and is offering classes in Rochester, MI!

Beginner Youth Kung Fu: 6-7pm, Beginner Adult Kung Fu: 7-8pm.

Classes begin Tuesday 9/4.

More classes, days and times coming soon. Limited Space. Don't Wait; Contact us today!


Inside the RARA Recreation Complex, 480 E. 2nd St, Rochester, MI, 48307, RARA (248) 656-8308

Comprehensive Fitness:
Cardiovascular • Muscular Strength • Flexibility... (all while learning a skill).

Areas of Practice:
Blocking • Striking & Kicking • Joint-Locks • Chokes • Throws • Ground-Fighting • Weapons • Meditation/Energization Techniques.

Modes of Practice:
Solo Exercises/meditation, Partner work (pre-arranged, semi-arranged, free-sparring), Equipment: bag-work, mitts, etc.

Levels of Self-Defense:
Lowest (easiest to learn/execute), Highest Level (merging/redirecting energy; requires greater skill/time to develop). An infinite array of possible martial expressions exist between the lowest and highest levels.

From a self-defense perspective, possession of the lowest level methods gives one the authentic confidence to attempt a higher level, knowing that he/she could always resort to a lower level if necessary.

Healthy Training Methods:
Only methods that honor the health, function, and longevity of the body are utilized in our training.

Forms/Kata/Hsings (include):

  • Yue Chia Fighting Forms (Hsing Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu)
  • Ancient Temple Forms: Sanzan, Seisan, Sanseiryu
  • Staff (ShuishiNoKoan)
  • Katana (UeshibaNoKatana)
  • Wu Hsing Chuan (Five Animal Fist Form)
  • Renshukenichiryo (Practice Form), Jakenichiryo (Snake Fist Form)
  • Ancient breathing/chi-kung/pranayama techniques
  • All students work with Head Instructors Christopher and Robyn Scafone.

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