Soft Blocks

One of the deepest, most challenging to learn, powerful, and transformational elements of the practice. Soft blocking allows the smaller/weaker to overcome the bigger/stronger, it honors the bodily temple, and is the gateway to the highest levels of martial expression. 

Throw Off Of Circular Punch Attack:
Using The Attacker's Energy Against Them

Evading A Front Punch,
Front Kick Combination Attack

Using The Attacker's Energy Against
Them: Evasions, Throws, Controls

High Block Front Hand
Sidestep Front Foot

Evading A Front Kick,
Front Punch Combination Attack

Pivoting Scoop (Trapping
the Attacker's Kicking Leg)

Drill (Longer)

Shihonage Flow:
Vibration Booster

Knifehand Block

High Vibration Artwork By Infinite Path Art.

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