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Stretching & Strengthening

Exercise is about challenging your body's current capacity enough to maintain or increase your fitness level on a regular basis. Always adhere to the principle of healthy training methods. Stretching and strengthening should be natural, slow, controlled, gradual, no locking the joints, no forcing, no bouncing. Strengthening is active burn, stretching is passive burn. Embrace the burn; transform your mind, body, and life.

Triple Battle, 2019

Strengthening Routine

Spinal Ascension

Slow & Controlled:
Embrace The Burn!


Cobra, Downward
Dog Stretches

You Don't Need A Gym Or Fancy
Equipment To Get In Shape

Additional Stretches/
Warm Up Exercises

Supine, Seated
Spinal Twist

Original Kriya Yoga Artwork By Infinite Path Art.

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