Striking & Kicking:

Breathing, rotating from the center, we exhale on our techniques, tensing the muscles at impact, driving through the target, 98% extension, never locking the joints. Everything begins and ends in the basic fighting stance. We match the right tools to the right targets. Natural conditioning, No classical makiwara.

Sidestep, Roundhouse
Kick, Neck Throw, Punch

Ducking Hammer Fist,
Back Kick

Hammer Fist Strike
Downward Delivery

High Block Front Hand Sidestep
Front Foot, Palm Strike Counter

Sidestep, Strike:
Spirit Flowing

Low Block Front Arm Sidestep
Front Foot, Backfist Strike

High Block Front Hand Sidestep
Back Foot, Triple Punch

High Block Front Hand Sidestep
Back Foot, Inverted Knifehand Strike

Sidestep Punch, Inverted
Knife Hand Strike Counter


Infinite Path:
Raising Vibration

Front Kick
Back Leg

Original Spiritual Artwork by Infinite Path Art.

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