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Testimonials: Not All Learning Environments Are Equal.

"I have been practicing martial arts off and on for over 30 years. This is an exceptional martial arts school, with the most impressive combination of material and atmosphere that I have ever trained at. Sifu Scafone has a very deep background in classical martial arts, and presents the art in a way that makes sense, and is totally effective. While the classes revolve around the study of the same principles, each class is different, and the workouts are amazing! You will sweat. Your muscles will be sore, you will drop the extra pounds, and develop usable skills at the same time. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn authentic martial arts. Thank you Sifu Scafone."
-- Cameron S.

"I have always been into fitness (running, swimming, cycling, etc.). I've never found a workout as complete as Infinite Path Martial Arts. On top of that - learning very practical self-defense with excellent instructors is phenomenal! And I finally found something that my boys love more than video games - while learning discipline and respect. What a great new addition to the T.C. area! I totally recommend trying this school. You won't be disappointed."
-- Steven C.

"My daughter and I attended a S.A.F.E. seminar at Infinite Path. It was awesome! I now feel much better about seeing her off the college this fall. Excellent, very practical material and instruction. We'll be scheduling our Brownies group for the youth version of the seminar this summer. Thank you Infinite Path!"
-- A. & V. Anderson.

"As parents of a son who struggles with ADD, we are thrilled beyond words with the progress he has made in his time at Infinite Path. The program is teaching our son to seek his very best from within, and to take pride in his accomplishments. His focus has greatly improved, and he is better able to flow with the challenges of daily life. When we first began exploring martial arts as an option for our son, we were concerned about the notion of 'teaching him to fight'. He is learning physical skills for sure, but the program at I.P.M.A. is non-competitive, stressing partnership over competition, and that the real fight is to be one's best in all areas of life. It's truly amazing to hear our son now say, 'Real Kung-Fu is cleaning your room before your parents have to ask you to do it.' Thank you Infinite Path for providing such a wonderful, positive place for our son to learn and grow."
-- K. Springer

"Yes...Infinite Path Martial Arts is the toughest workout I have ever loved. Joining has proven thus far to be one of the best choices I've ever made for my overall fitness and sense of well-being. Not only am I getting back into great shape, but learning realistic self-defense is incredibly rewarding (and just plain FUN). I've gone from hoping that I could learn it, to knowing that I'm learning. Everyone there is super helpful - the partnering atmosphere is amazing. One of my favorite aspects of training is that you don't need to be big or strong. It's all technique over strength. I highly recommend this school. Thank you Sifu and Sifu Scafone!"
-- Celina D.

"I have been a student with Sifu Scafone over 2 years now. Luckily for me, I'm up in Traverse City on a regular basis for business, so I'm able to continue my studies at I.P.M.A. I recommend this dojo to anyone looking to find total fitness while learning actual skills. In my time with I.P.M.A., I've lost 25 pounds, while discovering a passion for the martial arts. When I used to run on a treadmill, I would find any excuse to skip a workout. Now I look forward to every session; the rewards being so much greater. The diverse material taught at the dojo allows me to continually challenge myself, and it never gets old. The techniques are practical, you don't have to be a 'Superman' to learn them, and the partners are great to work with. The dojo has truly become a sanctuary from the stresses of the daily grind. The practice has definitely made me more effective in my professional and personal life. I.P.M.A. is indeed, the hardest workout you will ever love! Thank you Infinite Path!"
-- R. Torrance

"One year of training at I.P.M.A. - I've lost 40 pounds and 4 dress-sizes! Before meeting with the Scafone's, I had almost given up on regaining my fitness. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy working out. I.P.M.A.: Great cardio-workouts, practical self-defense, and wonderful partners to work with. If you want to get in shape, then I highly recommend Infinite Path."
-- Margaret W.

"6 years ago, our young daughter (age 3) started telling us that she wanted to learn Kung Fu. We thought it was a child’s passing interest because of the television show 'Avatar, The Last Air Bender'. But for over a year, she kept telling us of her desire to learn. Eventually, my wife and I decided it was time to test that interest and see if she was truly willing to put in the effort that came with the disciplined skill. We researched places for over a month and finally found one we felt compelled towards…Infinite Path Martial Arts.

Almost 5 years ago, Christopher and Robyn Scafone warmly welcomed our daughter and us to their dojo. Our daughter began taking classes two times per week and has continued to do so since then. Throughout the years, the Scafone’s have taught her more than just Kung Fu. They have also helped to teach her about safety amongst strangers, how to treat people and how to live a fuller life. Again, this journey began almost 5 years ago when two parents thought to 'test' a little girl’s obsession with Kung Fu.

We could not be happier and more amazed by what Infinite Path and the Scafone’s have done for our child. She continues to this day to take group classes and has for the past few years added on private lessons (at her request) for more individualized focus. She has grown and developed skills that are truly inspiring. We have also recently begun sending our youngest son to classes to learn all that he sees his older sister learning.

Infinite Path Martial Arts is more than just a place to learn Kung Fu. It is a place that is helping to mold our children into the strong, sensible and secure young adults that they will grow to be. And for that, we thank the Scafone’s."
-- The Bernstein’s

"It has been six years since our daughter became a student at Infinite Path Martial Arts. Our choice of martial art school was based purely on fantastic feedback left by parents as well as former and current students at Infinite Path Martial Arts. As parents, we are thrilled to have Mr. and Mrs. Scafone as our daughter's teachers. We are truly impressed with the passion, dedication, and depth of knowledge of these instructors. We have no doubt that we made the right choice, when our daughter joined Infinite Path Martial Arts. It has been a life-changing experience for all of us."
-- O. Z.

"To me, Infinite Path Martial Arts is the perfect place to challenge your body and your mind. It is beyond a great workout. The instruction is personal, engaging and enriching. Both Sifu Christopher and Sifu Robyn Scafone provide an environment of safety, growth and knowledge. Their passion is obvious. I am very happy with the positive changes in my body, mind and life since I became a student. I.P.M.A. works out every muscle in my body, including my brain."
-- G. Schmidt

"In 2006, I was the victim of a violent crime. Physically, I recovered in a matter of weeks, but the emotional trauma remained, and even grew worse over months that followed. I have always been a very outgoing individual, yet I found myself riddled with sudden, paralyzing bouts of fear and anxiety. These psychological effects proved far worse than the physical trauma. After much urging from a close friend who was already a student at I.P.M.A., I started doing private instruction with the Scafone's. Their caring, understanding, and self-defense instruction helped me move to a place of empowerment and renewed confidence. I truly cannot thank them enough for the help they have given me. I can honestly say, without any hesitation, that my training at Infinite Path M.A. was integral in my total recovery, my regaining of joyful living. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Scafone."
-- Katherine

"Brendan wasn’t even in school yet when I came home from work one day and he said “I want to learn karate”. It was totally out of the blue and we thought it was just something he seen on TV. Well everyday he asked if I had looked into it yet. He was not going to let this go so I figured I better get on it. I didn’t know where to start so like most I went right to the internet. Neither my husband nor I were educated on all the different disciplines of martial arts and we weren’t sure if he would stick with it.

We ended up going with Kung Fu at Infinite Path. We chose Infinite Path because it was close to home, but we stayed because it’s like home. Brendan was four and half years old when he started and is now ten and a half. He is well adjusted, disciplined and has patience beyond his years. He is a leader. Brendan is extremely involved in travel soccer as well and I see how Kung Fu is on the field with him each and every game. He’s calm, he’s patient, he plays with a different mentality than most. Physically he may not be the best out there, but mentally no one can beat him.

Our life is a bit hectic and crazy, always thinking about the next event, test, game, etc…but not for Brendan. He focuses on the task at hand and when he has completed it, he moves to the next. We see the little young man he is turning into and it’s a feeling like no other for a parent. The determination to succeed, a confidence that is his and only his…we know Mr. and Mrs. Scafone gave that to him. Through the discipline of Kung Fu they teach him about life, not how to get through it, but how to live it. They teach him that discipline brings true freedom and he believes that, he knows that.

Of everything we have ever given to our son, Kung Fu at Infinite Path will be the gift that actually does keep on giving. We cannot thank the Scafones’ enough for the impact they have made on our son. Because of their dedication, time, and attention to their students we have no doubt that our son will also make an impact."
-- D. W.

"My wife and I have been so fortunate to have found Infinite Path Martial Arts. Our son enjoyed the experience and always looked forward to class. The discipline, love and care Sifu, and the rest of the IPMA family, imparted on the children was amazing. Our son always felt that he was ‘top dog’ with the encouragements and the time Sifu spent with him. He particularly enjoyed the closing of the workouts, where Sifu would impart a story or a teaching to the kids. It was a great reinforcement and complement to our efforts to guide our son at home, but as kids are… sometimes they don’t always like to hear it from their parents.

There is an aspect about IPMA I really enjoyed. The kids in the class ranged in age, and Sifu was methodical in teaching the older ones to be leaders and mentors of the younger ones... this is where it gets interesting, all the kids got along in such a positive way. There was a genuine understanding from their part as to their role and responsibilities. It was very collaborative and non-competitive, and our son seemed to quickly flourish under these conditions.

Unfortunately, we had to move out of state and leave the dojo. Our efforts to find another martial arts school or dojo have proven challenging, since the standard and expectations we have from our experience with IPMA are difficult to match. I recommend IPMA to anyone… family, kid, or anyone that is looking for a martial arts environment where the focus is explore one’s potential in a welcoming and positive environment."
-- Rodrigo & Mary, for our son Gabriel

"My son has been with Infinite Path for over 3 years. During that time, he has learned not only a great deal of martial skills, but he has also developed greater confidence, and self-control. The Scafone's offer a great learning environment that is intense, but non-competitive, so every student can feel the thrill of learning, without any in-group/out-group stuff that goes on in many other organized youth activities. The Scafone's truly care about what they are teaching young people, and give every student individual attention. If you're looking for a martial arts school for your children or your self, check out I.P.M.A. Thank you Infinite Path Martial Arts!"
-- Carrie B.

"We enrolled our son Parker in the Infinite Path Kung Fu program almost 3 years ago after the passing of his grandfather. They were very close and Parker was having difficulty coping with the loss at the young age of 7. We felt it would help him to channel his frustration and better learn how to control his emotions while learning self defense and participating in a great form of exercise.

The classes are available Monday thru Friday which makes it easy with his other activities to fit in 2-3 sessions per week. We liked that the program was more focused on the spirit of the martial arts, tolerance and defense rather than fighting. Parker has thrived under the guidance of Sifu Christopher and Sifu Robyn and is now working on his second degree green sash. He is respectful, responsible and handles social situations at school and with other children in a tolerant and confident manner without having to respond physically. We would strongly recommend Infinite Path Martial Arts to any parent!"
-- M. J. Twydell

"My son has been with Infinite Path Martial Arts for over a year now and he continues to enjoy the programs that are offered especially the summer camp. Mr. Scafone is an excellent role model and his classes are productive and orderly. One of the many things I like about IPMA is that they focus on technique and personal growth rather than competing. I would recommend Infinite Path Martial Arts to other parents who are looking into the marital arts for their child."
-- A. Hodges

"As parents, we are thrilled to be sharing a testimonial about Infinite Path and the Mr. and Mrs. Scafone. Our son is 10 years old and was diagnosed with Asperger's 3 years ago. He is very smart but also struggles with things like impulse control, following directions, and social situations. My husband and I have tried different therapies, some helped, some did not. We enrolled our son in private classes at the Infinite Path dojo in 2011. We are grateful beyond words for the caring and patience of the instructors, and the discipline that the Scafone's have helped our son develop over the past 16 months. He loves going to the dojo, and he is doing better than ever before in school and at home. We knew that martial arts can be a good thing for kids, but we never imagined how transformational it would be for our son, and our family. We wholeheartedly recommend Infinite Path to anyone, be it an adult, a child, or child with special needs. Thank you Sifu and Sifu Scafone!"
-- Claudia and Richard M.

"Infinite Path and the Kung Fu program for kids has been a wonderful addition to our weekly routine. Our girls Abby and Libby (twins age 8) began attending the dojo about 2 years ago, typically twice a week around their other sports and music activities. Since that time, their overall confidence and leadership skills have improved immensely, and the athleticism gained has helped them in their other sports. We appreciate the positive atmosphere and the mentorship given by Mr. and Mrs. Scafone.

Our girls have learned that safety is most important, and to never hurt your partner. Although there are many skills learned in Kung Fu that translate well into their school work, two things that stand out are their improved concentration and comfort in having a voice and asking questions. One part of the class that we fully support and appreciate is the little talk at the end of the class where Mr. Scafone reminds the kids that they should respect their parents, clean their room on their own without being reminded, and do their schoolwork diligently. While these things may have nothing at all to do with Kung Fu, they are a testament to the overall expectations placed on the children in the program. The consistent reinforcement of these concepts, both in class and at home, result in kids who we are constantly being complimented on for being “such nice girls”.

When asked what their favorite part of the class is, Abby said using the bows, and Libby said being there. There is no better compliment than that! As they have progressed throughout the years (working on the 2nd form, and their 3rd sash), the girls have enjoyed becoming the leaders in class, and teaching and being mentors to their newer classmates. When asked how Kung Fu has made them a better person, they both said it helps them fight less with their sister. Progress not perfection is always a good goal! We are confident that with continued mentoring, and practiced concentration and focus on self-control, they will mature in their handling of challenging situations with each other. Thank you for all that you do for and teach our children. We hope to continue the program for many years to come."
-- J. and S. Myren

"The Infinite Path dojo is fantastic. I tried Tai Chi somewhere else before, but the instruction was difficult to follow, and it made my joints ache. Then at age 61, I met Sifu Scafone. He convinced me to try Tai Chi at I.P.M.A. I couldn't believe the difference. Now 1 1/2 years later, I've learned 2 full forms, my joints feel great, and I'm considering trying the Kung Fu program as well. All the movements taught are ergonomic, and can be adjusted to fit one's body. I highly recommend this school."
-- H. Miller

"Like so many others in their 40's, I wanted to lose the spare tire and get some real stress relief, but I've never liked going to a gym. The Infinite Path workouts have helped me drop the pounds, get stronger, and now I actually enjoy working out. I'm now healthier than I've been in years, and I look forward to every class. Many thanks to Sifu and Sifu Scafone, and all the senior students who've made getting fit and learning the martial arts such a joy for me."
-- N. Christopher

"I have been taking kung fu at Infinite Path Martial Arts since I was in sixth grade and I can say with certainty that what I learned there has contributed to the person I am today. The Scafones are very effective teachers. They structure class in an organized fashion, where their first concern is the safety of everyone involved. The environment they create in the dojo is one of concentration and hard work, where giving 100% effort is expected both in class and in life. I could personally see the benefits of frequent practice and honing of such skills as focus, patience, respect, persistence in my work at school and my relationships with other people.

Taking Kung Fu from the Scafones has been one of the best decisions I have made. Not only do I feel more secure about my safety as a young woman in university and about to do a study abroad in Ecuador, but I have also developed my ability to work hard and achieve the goals I consistently set for myself. My experience at Infinite Path has created many precious memories as well as been a valuable investment in my future. Thank you!"
-- J. F.

"In August 2012, I put together a group of ladies and we attended a self-defense seminar at Infinite Path. The instruction was simple, yet profound. The Scafone's shared excellent information and instruction. The seminar included practical, hands-on training, along with informational handouts to study afterwards. This seminar is a great gift for the all women in your life. If you have a mother, daughter, sister, wife - this is a much better gift than another something from the mall. We'll be gathering another group for another seminar soon. Many kudos for this excellent service."
-- K. Ellis, and friends.

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