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  • All submissions are private, will be viewed only by Infinite Path staff, and are deleted from our system after feedback/follow-up communication has occurred.

  • You must be 18 years of age to submit any videos. Youth student videos are to be submitted by parent/guardian.

  • All submissions shall be in keeping with the Infinite Path learning environment: Focused, sincere, respectful, wholesome. Appropriate attire, language, demeanor and atmosphere at ALL times.

  • Turn off all distractions (TV, music, devices, etc) as much as possible.

  • Position yourself and the camera so that your entire body is visible in the frame.

  • You don’t have to edit your videos (though you are welcome to). Make your video demonstration as efficient as possible. Never rush through your demonstrations, but avoid undue “blank” time.

  • Always state your first and last name, the subject matter/assignment in a clear, confident voice, looking directly into the camera.

  • Submissions will be 2-5 minutes in length. Later assignments will be longer.

  • Upload your video as an MP4. Compress the file if possible. There is currently a 1GB file size limit per upload. Label your file with your first and last name, subject matter/assignment.

  • OR… Upload a link/URL to a private/unlisted video you have saved/posted elsewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, Cloud, Google Drive, etc) by pasting the URL into the message field of the uploader. You will still have to upload a file (like a picture) for the uploader to work.

  • Enter your email.

  • Enter your first and last name, subject matter/assignment (i.e. - John Smith, First Form) into the message field of the uploader. 

  • Include any other messages/questions in the message field.

  • You can also send questions and links to videos via email: ipmacontact@yahoo.com. Please don’t send video files directly via email (email attachments have a 25MB file size limit).

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You can learn anything. Your potential is infinite.

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