Yue Chia Hsings (fighting forms)

Natural movements, total body workouts, practical self defense, moving meditations.

The strategies, methods, and combinations in the Yue Chia forms were passed down from Kochi Kyo to Eizo Onishi (1950's) to Thomas F. Smith (1970's), who shared them with me at the Shaolin Temple of Michigan. I have the joy and privilege of sharing my interpretation of them with others. 

Brief demonstrations of the five Yue Chia fighting forms taught you can asynchronous training and private instruction.

Yue Chia Hsing Wu (5th Form) 2020

Yue Chia Hsing Si (4th Form) 2020

Yue Chia Hsing San (3rd Form) 2020

Yue Chia Hsing Er (2nd Form) 2020

Yue Chia Hsing Yi (1st Form) 2020

Premium Distance Learning:

Step by step instruction, regular, detailed feedback on your techniques from Head Instructor Christopher Scafone. You will make rapid advancements in your understanding and abilities with the movements. You will feel it in your own mind, body, This growth will translate into ever area of your life.

There is a definite path of conditioning and learning new skills. But the vast majority of the traning is a process of letting go of unneccesary tension in the mind and body that prevent the natural, optimal, technique from flowing through you. It is truly an ascension, where the "doer" eventually awakens as "observer."   

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Consciousness is meant to be raised.

Enroll, engage, grow.

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