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Basic Fighting (Bow) Stance 2021.

healthy training methods, natural fitness.

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Soft Blocking - Introduction 2021.

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Front, Reverse Punch 2021.

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shaolin kung fu

Yue Chia Chuan Fa is a comprehensive philosophy of martial art. Long range, close range, grappling, controls, throws, weapons, meditation.
Lowest to highest levels of self defense using the attacker's energy against them rather than power against power.
  • The 5 Yue Chia Fighting  Forms
  • Temple Forms: Sanzan, Seisan, Sanseiryu, Renshukenichiryo, Jakenichiryo, more
  • Bo (ShuishiNoKon), Sword (UeshibaNoKatana)
  • Stretching (Hatha yoga) and strengthening methods
  • Spinal Ascension routine (Kriya)
  • Partner Work: Block/counter, sparing, bags, mitts 
  • Meditation/Chi-Kung: Crane, Microcosmic Circulation, Cobra (Kriya) breath techniques, mantra, affirmations, visualizations, prayer
Natural, Healthy training methods. Safe, motivating, non-competitive atmosphere.
Original meditation artwork.

Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Bliss.

Original Meditation Artwork.

Self Defense seminars

Learn to protect yourself and live with greater ​authentic calm and confidence. Life-changing content tailored to the ages/needs of your group.
  • Sensitivity: Your first line of  defense.
  • Action: Defusing potential/actual situations.
  • Fighting: Practical self defense that can save your life.​
  • Education: Continuous learning as a lifestyle.

Men, women, children, families, organizations, groups of any size.

Safe, positive, wholesome atmosphere.​ One of the best gifts you could ever give to someone you care about.

Joy, Visualize, Manifest, Repeat.

Yang Style Tai chi

Stretch and strengthen your mind and body with soft, natural, circular movements.​ Authentic moving meditation.

  • Long Form (108)

  • Saber Form

  • Bo Form

  • Straight Sword Form (54)

  • Partner Form (88)

  • Meditation/Chi-kung applications

Vitality, sensitivity, balance, coordination, introspection, inner peace, intuition.​


Ideal for seniors to stay sharp and fit.​

Original Meditation Artwork.

174hz, 285hz, 396hz, 417hz, 432hz, 528hz, 639hz, 741hz, 852hz, 963hz

Sacred Geometry Mandalas.

Hatha and Kriya yoga

Stretch, strengthen, tone and rediscover your bodily temple with asana, pranayama and meditation.

Sun Salutation​, Moon Salutation, Spinal Ascension routine.

Meditation Techniques:

  • Hong Sau

  • Aum

  • Kriya 

  • Jiyoti Mudra

This practice can be studied exclusively but is incorporated into all Infinite Path programs.

Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness

private instruction, seminars with christopher and Robyn Scafone

Personal transformation

Lose weight, grow stronger, learn new skills, increase your confidence and concentration, transform your life with instruction tailored to your specific goals and objectives.

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special needs

ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism, developmental and physical challenges. We achieve results that many "experts" claim are not possible.

Another world is possible

Original Meditation Artwork.


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Sacred Geometry Mandalas.

Consciousness is meant to be raised.

Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Bliss.

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