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upload your files here.

Tips, Requirements:

  • Your submissions are private, viewed only by Infinite Path staff, and deleted from our system after feedback.

  • You must be 18 years of age to submit videos. Youth student videos will be submitted by parent/guardian only.

  • All submissions shall be focused, sincere, respectful, wholesome. Appropriate (modest) attire, language, atmosphere at ALL times.

  • Turn off all distractions (TV, music, devices, noise, etc.) as much as possible.

  • Clear, sufficient practice space, adequate lighting.

  • Position yourself/camera so your entire body is visible in frame.

  • Have your visual aids in place, if needed.

  • Make your demonstrations as efficient as possible, but don't rush. 

  • State your first, last name, subject matter.

  • Submissions are maximum 5 minutes in length.

  • Upload your video as an MP4. Compress file if possible. 500MB maximum file size per upload. Label your file: First, last name, subject matter.

  • Or Upload a link/URL to a private/unlisted video you have saved elsewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, Cloud, Google drive, etc.) by pasting the URL into the message field. You will still have to upload a placeholder for the uploader to work. 

  • Enter your email.

  • Enter your first, last name, subject matter in the message field. 

  • You can also send links to videos via email: Please don’t send video files directly via email (25MB file size limit on email attachments).

  • Please notify me If you experience any technical difficulties using this site.

Sacred Geometry Mandalas.

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