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About, Requirements:

  • All submissions are private, viewed only by Infinite Path staff, and deleted from our system after feedback/follow-up has occurred.

  • You must be 18 years of age to submit videos. Youth student videos will be submitted by parent/guardian only.

  • All submissions shall be focused, sincere, respectful, wholesome. Appropriate attire, language, demeanor and atmosphere at ALL times.

  • Turn off all distractions (TV, music, devices, etc) as much as possible.

  • Position yourself/camera so that your entire body is visible in the frame.

  • You don’t have to edit your videos (though welcome to). Make your video demonstration as efficient as possible. Never rush through your demonstrations, but avoid undue “blank” time.

  • Always state your first, last name, subject matter/assignment in a clear, confident voice, looking directly into the camera.

  • Submissions are to be a maximum 5 minutes in length.

  • Upload your video as an MP4. Compress the file if possible. There is currently a 500MB file size limit per upload. Label your file with your first, last name, subject matter/assignment.

  • OR… Upload a link/URL to a private/unlisted video you have saved elsewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, Cloud, Google Drive, etc) by pasting the URL into the message field of the uploader. You will still have to upload a file (like a picture) for the uploader to work.

  • Enter your email.

  • Enter your first and last name, subject matter/assignment (i.e. - John Smith, First Form) into the message field of the uploader. 

  • Include any other messages/questions in the message field.

  • You can also send questions and links to videos via email: ipmacontact@yahoo.com. Please don’t send video files directly via email (email attachments have a 25MB file size limit).

  • Please notify me If you experience any technical difficulties using this site.

Expand your capacity: Love yourself.

We are living in truly extraordinary times of division, uncertainty, confusion, and fear. Do something that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit every day. The better you love and care for yourself, the better able you are to love and care for those around you. I am looking forward to seeing your videos.

Sacred Geometry Mandalas.

Consciousness is meant to be raised.

Enroll, engage, grow.

Fill yourself with the light, and Rise.