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christopher scafone

Christopher Scafone has been studying Yue Chia Chuan Fa (Chinese)/Kendogakyu (Japanese) since 1994, Kriya Yoga since 1995, Yang style Tai-Chi since 1997.


He holds a level-5 black sash in Yue Chia from the Shaolin Temple of Michigan (Westland), and earned ranks in Karate and Aikido. He is also an expert in natural (drug-free) resistance and fitness training.

His teachers include Lee Beusking, Frank Merditaj, Katsumi Niikura, and most notably, Thomas F. Smith. 

Robyn scafone

Robyn Scafone has been studying Yue Chia Chuan Fa since 1997, Kriya yoga since 2000. She holds a level-3 black sash in Yue Chia.

Sacred Gaiai Artwork.

self discovery: An infinite path

Christopher and Robyn Scafone founded Infinite Path Martial Arts in 2002, Metro Detroit. They established a full-time dojo in Clawson, where they worked with scores of outstanding individuals of all ages and backgrounds for 10 years before moving to Northern Michigan in 2013 for the birth of their daughter. It was during this period of time that the founders began experiencing deeper martial and spiritual awakenings, gaining a renewed sense of passion and purpose for Infinite Path. The Scafone's returned to Metro Detroit in 2017 and currently operate out of Rochester Hills, MI. They are currently looking for new students in Metro Detroit, and from anywhere in the world for the new Infinite Path Global Learning community.

Principles: Learning as a lifestyle

  • Every individual possesses unique, infinite potential which can be unlocked and manifested in all areas of life, through structured, progressive training of the mind and body. All Infinite Path programming is designed to facilitate this process of self-discovery.

  • Collaborative Atmosphere: We reject all notions of sport and competition in our training. We work together in partnership, making learning safer, faster, and far more meaningful.

  • Healthy Training Methods: Only methods that honor the health, function, and longevity of the bodily temple are utilized in our training.

  • One's training should be part of an overall plan of maximizing one's health, happiness and success in all areas of life. 

  • Meditation, visualization, affirmations, mantra, conscious, self-directed programming of the mind is the deepest, highest, most challenging level of practice and is central in all Infinite Path training. 

  • I am enough. You are enough. There is enough for everyone.

Holy Meditation Artwork By Infinite Path Art.

Consciousness is meant to be raised.

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Fill yourself with the light, and Rise.