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Online Programs:

NEW: The Eight Basic Blocks of Northern Shaolin Yue Chia.
Beginner Level, At Your Own Pace, Solo Training Methods, 60 day access.
Sequential, 10 brief videos, designed for following along, rapid-absorption. Onscreen Tips, Quizzes, Training Journal, Study Guide, Healthy Training Methods, Target Training Pace/Routine, Instructor Feedback.
Abdominal breathing, the basic fighting stance and the 8 basic blocks (7 sidesteps, 1 hard block of northern Shaolin) with 5th degree black sash Christopher Scafone. These sidesteps (and derivatives/combinations of them) are timeless, transcendent of style, can be used to get out of the way of/redirect virtually any attack.
You can get through the course pretty quickly (1-2 hours 1st time through). Review as many times as needed until you can do it without the videos. As you internalize the techniques, they become your own. The more you practice them, the deeper you will know them.
Sidestepping, redirection of energy: Gateway to highest levels of martial expression.

Spiritual Martial Arts

Natural Fitness, Brain-Growth, Release Stress/Trauma.
Learn how to get out of the way, instead of clashing, healthy training methods, how to use the attacker's energy against them. Moving meditation.

Whether new to martial arts, or already a black belt in another style, this material will raise your vibration, expand your skills, improve your life. For yourself, or a Gift for a loved one. 
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