Infinite Path Martial Arts - Metro Detroit.
Now In Rochester, MI.

Yang Style T'ai-Chi:

The most popular exercise regimen on the planet. Slow, flowing movements that stretch and strengthen the body, while building balance, coordination, sensitivity, and inner peace. An excellent way for seniors to stay sharp and fit.


  • 108 (empty-handed form)
  • Staff
  • Broadsword
  • Straight Sword
  • 88 (partner fighting form)
  • Ancient breathing/chi-kung/pranayama techniques
  • All students work with Head Instructors Christopher and Robyn Scafone.

    We currently offer private instruction and seminars only.

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    (248) 284-3242

    Infinite Path Martial Arts - Metro Detroit.
    (248) 284-3242

    A private learning institution, serving students since 2002.

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