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Enroll in Asynchronous Training: Expanded content: Forms/applications, routines, study guides, assignments, feedback on your techniques from Head Instructor Christopher Scafone. 

Your own pace, your own place. Training customized to your your needs. Workouts that work for you.

Lose weight, Get stronger, Increase flexibility, relieve stress.

safe, healthy, effective training methods.

Hook Punch:
Hone In, Zone In

Nikkyo (Wristlock):
Control, Throw

Hook Kick:
It's All About Rotation

Modular curriculum, methods that work.

Total body workouts, practical self defense, real martial arts.

Sidestep Front Foot,
Stepping Elbow, Pivoting Knifehand

Sidestep Back Foot,
Front Kick, Front Punch Counter

Using The Attacker's Energy
Against Them: Timeless Method

watch the videos, build & hone your routines and training journal, send me questions via email.

you send me videos, I give you detailed feedback that will help you find all new levels of fitness, form, function. 

Positive, caring, higher atmosphere.

No contracts. No traffic. No worries. learn the martial arts, get into the best shape of your life, without spending thousands of dollars or hours & hours in a gym or dojo.

Simple, easy:

Only $10 per month (recurring until cancelled by student). Includes 2 monthly student video reviews (unused monthly reviews do not accrue). Purchase additional reviews at any time. Rank advancement tests, private Zoom classes have separate charges. Cancel your membership at any time (via "my account," "subscriptions").

Private Instruction with Christopher Scafone

Available via Zoom meetings or In-Person (locally).

Contact me to learn more/schedule private instruction. Complete New Student Survey below.

get started today.

Tell me a little about yourself.

A customized learning plan begins here.

Begin One month of distance learning,

Purchase additional video reviews,

Schedule a private zoom class Today!

Infinite Path Martial Arts Logo (2002).

Begin your customized learning plan today!

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Unlock Your Potential, Workouts That Work For You.

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